leis winter sports

Vals has good skiing and snowboarding. There is a gondola lift from the village to Bergstation Gadastatt, which lies 1,800 m above sea level and has a ski and snowboard school, a beginners lift for children, and a restaurant. Two lifts run from Gadastatt to just below the 3,000 m peak of the Dachberg.

In normal snow conditions skiers and snowboarders can travel right down to the door of their vacation home in Leis; in good conditions they can even continue on down into the valley. Because Vals is far enough away from the main skiing centers and has no through-traffic as such, there are no jostling crowds on the slopes of the Dachberg and barely any waiting times for the lifts.

Winter walking routes take visitors along the Rheindamm in the valley, and from Vals to Leis and Gadastatt. The wonderful panoramic path from Gadastatt via Frunt to Zevreila is also a classic walk in winter. There are clearly marked, carefully maintained routes for snowshoe expeditions and it is even possible to sledge down all the way from Zevreila to Vals.

In Vals there is a sports shops, where visitors can buy or hire any equipment they need. For more information on winter sports in the area, see www.vals.ch.